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Lords of the Pirate Isles by Internet-Ninja Lords of the Pirate Isles by Internet-Ninja
A collection of prominent pirate captains on the West Coast of Erna.
Dread Pirate Roberts- One of the most infamous pirates of the high seas. Roberts is cunning, brave, and exceptionally skilled. When his ship, Buttercup, sails into port, ship captains are known to rush their crews onto their ships and ply them with ale, as most sailors would abandon their posts in a heartbeat for the chance to serve on the Dread Pirate’s ship. Roberts claims stewardship of a number of towns and villages in the Pirate Isles, and these chosen settlements fall under his protection: they are not harassed, even by the law.

Dead Pirate Roberts- A mysterious and nefarious lich who has been around for longer than any can remember. Legend has it that every 100 years or so it sets sail as a pirate or merchant for 10 or 20 years, before returning to its inland schemes. This time, the lich has become rivals with the Dread Pirate Roberts, and has adopted a name and costume to mock the legend and besmirch his name. The Dead Pirate’s ship, Grave Mistake, sails with a crew of the lich’s undead minions.

Dusk Darksteel- One of the more powerful and influential pirate lords in the water, Dusk controls a crew of some of the greatest fighters in Erna solely through the power of his reputation. Dusk was one of the men involved in averting the Pike Catastrophe, a world-threatening crisis that occurred ten years ago and required the world’s strongest heroes to overcome. Because of this legend, the strongest flock to the flag of his ship, Power Overwhelming, and are constantly competing to impress their captain.

Cannonball Jones- This mountain of a man commands a galleon as big as he is, The Broadsider, a ship which boasts twice as many cannons in its broadside barrage as any other ship in the water. He is so strong that he wields an actual cannon in combat, and keeps the ship’s treasury on him at all times, in two treasure chests he has locked to his body.

Gordy Lightfoot- This sparky gnome pirate stands at the head of a small, fast schooner named Greased Lightning. He is imbued with the power of lightning, and zooms around the battlefield unleashing devastating kicks. His crew is made up almost entirely of gnomes, halflings, and goblins, except for his navigator, a human named Crawley with a perpetually bruised forehead.

Experiment One- This suit of animated armor was the first experiment of a long dead pirate wizard. One immediately turned on and killed its creator, setting out on its own. One’s only need is gold and silver, which it consumes for sustenance. Many find its eyeless countenance unnerving, but many pirates love serving aboard its ship, Ship, because One only claims enough of the booty to feed itself, leaving the rest to its crew. One is magically buoyant.

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